My New-To-Me, Used Triak Sailing Kayak Intro Video

It’s finally here, My New-to-Me, Used Triak Sailing Kayak Intro Video. I’m walking through everything I received with my 2010 Triak I bought from a friend in Florida just a few months ago. This is the beginning of what I hope to be a series of videos documenting what owning and sailing a Triak is like, along with repairs, upgrades and tips I do along the way.

It’s longer than our normal videos (11 minutes) but I wanted to give you a detailed overview of all the parts and pieces that come with a Triak. Leave a comment below if you own a Triak Sailing Kayak, or if you have any questions or suggestions or helpful tips for us. I have been wanting a


Triak Sailing Kayak for some time now, if you want to read our Earlier posts, check out Triak Sailing Kayak.

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