Scuttlebutt Classifieds- A Good Find

The other day I was browsing one of my favorite sites for finding sailing news and I made an interesting discovery…Sailing classifieds. is a great source for keeping up-to-date sailing news around the world. I stumbled across their classifieds page and I thought it was good enough to share here on Get Wet Sailing.

Here’s the link to their classifieds page:

You can browse through Sailboats for sale, products and services, and my favorite section, Sailing Jobs available across the country. When it’s a tough economy, there are probably more of us looking at Job listings, and who doesn’t really want to get paid to be out on the water and sailing all day? I mean talk about about a dream job right?

Scuttlebutt is a trust-worthy site and has the Get Wet stamp of approval. Make a note that some of these classifieds were posted a few months ago, but it still worth a look.

Just a little discovery we thought we’d share with you guys. Happy Sailing, or at least dreaming about it until it gets warmer!

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  • Tony Lee

    Congrats on the trust worthy site getting a stamp of approval, and that must be a dream job! I need to visit some time to really see what you mean by one of the most up to date places for sailing! but that sounds great!