Hobie Holder Before and After

We wanted to document our Hobie Holder Before and After

Many of you have been asking for some tutorials and before and after pictures for our Hobie Holder. We bought our ’87 Hobie Holder for a mere $500 from an acquaintance at our local lake. When we found it, it was sitting off the trailer and looked as though it hadn’t been touched in a few years. We originally wanted a Hobie Holder because it’s lightweight, it’s easy to set up, and it’s simple to sail.

We knew we had a project ahead of us, but we were also lucky that this Hobie Holder had no major structural damage. The rudder and trailer are what needed the most help and beyond that some elbow grease and cosmetic touches were all we needed to get it ready to sail (see video below).  We wanted to document a     start-to-finish project with this boat so check out the pictures below and let us know if you have any questions.

Surprisingly, the trailer was in good shape, however we have done some work to it. That’s another video yet to come.  The hull was in good condition as well. It just needed a little TLC and some elbow grease. Here are some pics that show the dirt and leaves that we found in the hull.


The day we brought it home we got to work cleaning it. With just a little soap and water we turned our back yard into a boat wash. Here’s the boat after a good scrub down.


We felt that the boat was clean enough to sail, but it didn’t shine, the hull had oxidized and still looked shabby so I headed to our local West Marine and talked to several sales people and came up with this solution.

Here are the links on Amazon to the products we used to remove oxidation from the hull:


3M 35928 Finesse-it II Marine Glaze – 1 Quart

Here’s the first of our videos below, don’t mind the cheesy 80’s music in honor of our ’87 Hobie Holder.666


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