7 Life Hacks On a Sailboat

We decided it was high time we gave out some tips for life on a sailboat, because let’s face it…life on a sailboat is totally different than life on land. Here are just 7 life hacks on a sailboat that will come in handy when you decide to shove off for more than just a day sail.

1. Trivet

Use a non-slip grip trivet to keep your pots and pans on the table, not to mention your plates and cups. Comes in handy when cooking and eating below deck on those windy days.


2. Bathroom Squid

Great for the small shower space. Just attach to the shower wall and add all the stuff you’ll need; Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, etc.

3. Binder Clips & S Hooks

A great combo for keeping food in packages fresh and easy to store. Just need a small rod and you’re ready for a large or narrow pantry.

Photo courtesy of DIYandCraftsDecoration.com


4. Microfiber Travel Towel by ECOdept

These towels dry fast, rolls up small, and is anti-bacterial so you don’t have to worry about it getting moldy to quickly. It has a hook to hang it up and rolls up into a waterproof bag. Basically the perfect recipe for those at sea and without lots of storage for towels.

5. Camper Laundry Reel

To hang whatever whenever. You know what you need this for. 😉

6. Sink Rack Roll

This will come in handy when you want to air dry your pots and pans but simply don’t have the counter space. Just roll it out on top of the sink and roll it back up when you’re done.


7.LUNATEC Travel Dish Cloths:

This travel cloths have received rave reviews from sailors, truckers and RV enthusiasts. Give it a try, you might just love them.

8. BONUS – Packable Lightweight Hiking DayPack

We love using these backpacks to carry small items to and from the boat. They are perfect for those quick trips to land to sight see or get what you need. They also pack up small, which is essential for Sailboat living.




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