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Sailing Movies

7 Sailing Movies You Haven’t Seen Yet

So far on Get Wet Sailing we have showcased sailing videos, sailing commercials, famous people sailing and salty sayings. What we haven’t done is give you a list of

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Ullman Sails Series Part IV: The Boom Vang

What’s a Boom Vang? Boom…Vang…it’s a weird word, but it’s a part of the boat that is often overlooked but can be essential in the performance of your boat

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Ullman Sails Series: Part III The Backstay

  The Backstay, an important element to a sailboat that is often overlooked.  Here’s the scoop on how to best control your backstay from our friends at Ullman Sails. You’ve

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Video of The Week: 2013 Sunfish World Championships

For those of you that think Sunfish is a relaxed sailing experience meant for Sea Scouts and first time sailors, you might want to think again. Here’s a video

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cunningham & halyard

Ullman Sails Series Part II: CUNNINGHAM & HALYARD

Part II of Our Ullman Sails Series is all about the Cunningham & Halyard. What is a Cunningham? What’s a Halyard? What’s the Luff you ask? Don’t worry, we’ve

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